Why We Manage Real Estate

Why did the Maniscalchi’s create Systems Real Estate Management, Inc.?

We get that question a lot. It seems puzzling that two Los Angeles brokers with successful commercial and industrial real estate careers would choose to start a property management company decades later in their careers, but the reason was simple.

We started Systems Real Estate Management, Inc. in order to take care of our clients in an area they weren’t being taken care of.

Prior to our launching of Systems, we would handle real estate transactions on behalf of our clients and then walk away from the property when the job was done. However, this left a despairing gap in service not only for our clients, but for the tenants as well.

There is a level of comfort that comes with having your investment managed by experts in the field, whom you’ve also had the opportunity to work with, build a relationship with and come to trust and respect. But that comfort was being missed and we saw an opportunity to close the gap.

In 2009, when we started Systems, our primary goal was to provide our existing clients with that level of comfort and service we had not been able to deliver to them before. That said, expanding into property management was a learning curve and as a team, our eyes were opened to just how many property owners were left vulnerable by managing properties themselves or by hiring property managers who failed to serve them.

After all, at the end of the day, that is what property management is all about – service.

Here at Systems, we are eager to manage your assets, provide you with peace of mind that your property is well taken care of and serve you each and every day.

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