Taxes, Had Enough?

As we come to the end of April, the month where Quarterly’s, Corporate Taxes, Individual Federal & State Taxes and of course Property Taxes were all due, April is a financial Body Slam.

Tax obligations should serve as a reminder to us all to pull our heads from the haze and think about all the taxes we pay. The Fed’s collect about $5 Trillion and spend about $6.5 Trillion. A balanced budget is just a dream because in 50 years we’ve balanced the Federal Budget only 5 times, with the last time back in 2001. So, the next question you have is, has the U.S. ever paid off its debt? Well, yes, in 1835 Andrew Jackson paid off the entire debt.

While the 3 biggest sources of revenue for our government continue to be, Individual Income Taxes, Business & Corporate Taxes and Payroll Taxes, there is a staggering & growing roster of Tax categories we’re subject to paying on. So, let me “Refresh” your memory on just a few more.

*Federal Taxes, State Taxes, City & County Taxes, Real Estate Property Taxes and of course the Bonds and Parcel Taxes that are attached including schools, parks, police & fire, streets etc, Documentary Transfer Taxes and Use Taxes, ULA Taxes in the City of Los Angeles, Gross Receipts Taxes, Personal Property Taxes, Utility Taxes for water, power lights, sewer and waste. Don’t forget Cell phone taxes, Excise Tax, VAT (value add tax) Import/Export Taxes, Inheritance and Estate Taxes, Gift Taxes, Capital Gains Taxes, Payroll and Employment Taxes, Travel Taxes (air, land & sea) plus hotel/bed Taxes, Environmental Taxes and they’ve only scratched the surface of the screwing we’ll get when the full impact of The Green New Steal takes hold. Then we have Fuel Taxes on Gas, Diesel, Oil, Landlord/Tenant Taxes, Taxes on our Social Security, Boat, RV, Watercraft Fees, Annual Auto Registration Fees, Obamacare Taxes, Liquor and Sin Taxes and let’s not forget all the Fees and Penalties that are a disguised for Taxes, things like Tolls, Tire Recycling Tax, Zoning & Permit Fees and the growing list of Infrastructure Fees, Waste and Trash Recycling Fees, Federal, State and County Park Fees, Parking Fees in Public (Government owned) parking areas and let’s also not forget about the penalties for any early withdrawal of Retirement Savings, (IRA, Keogh, 401K etc) it’s not enough we pay the applicable income tax but yes, let’s tap you a little harder knowing you obviously need the money for more fees.

I outline these to call your attention to all the areas of taxation and the awareness of how the elected so freely tax/spend/waste our money. Government is an epic failure in spending & procurement. They produce nothing and during every election cycle we hear the same promises & lies; “Let’s Invest in Infrastructure (potholes, roads, bridges, the grid, water & waste), Invest in our Kids, Education Reform, Immigration Reforms, Border Protection, Tort Reform, Criminal Justice Reform, Budget Reform, Healthcare Reforms, The War on Drugs, Veterans and Military Reforms, Gang Violence, Tax Reforms (more taxation) Welfare Reforms and on and on and on. They’re just talking points, they’ve always been nothing but talking points and occasionally throw us a bone as a diversion to keep our attention focused on something else while they basically set the architecture for more taxes to keep us chained in financial slavery.

Think about if Elections were held during Tax Time, we might all be better off if we voted from the wallet instead of along party lines. While I won’t spend time talking about the 2-party con-job, let’s talk about waste;

How about the $140 Million spent on a luxury hotel from COVID relief funds, or the $100 Billion stolen or diverted from COVID relief for luxury cars, boats, planes and homes. According to our own OMB the FED’s have an inventory of 77,000+- properties that are empty and spending over $2 Billion annually to maintain. How about the Fed’s support of a $50 Million travel program to promote tourism in Tunisia. The $1 Million allocated to study transgendered monkeys, you read that right. Satellite surveillance of Livestock, a $3.5 Million empty garage for the NSA, $7 Million invested into a smart toilet seat to identify a person’s anal print, yep, you read that right too. $400 Million to the FORD Motor Company for battery development all in the effort to support the Governments hijacking of the energy business. $3 Billion to restock the USPS with an electric fleet, and another unallocated $3 Billion to support climate justice (whatever they want that to be). How about the construction of unoccupied buildings in Afghanistan for $2.4 Billion. Here’s a good one, $4.5 Billion for the Federal Housing Plan including plans to force cities & towns to change zoning and densities in the destruction of the Single-Family neighborhoods. The reports on wasteful spending are available online & go on for pages and those reporting are representing all constituencies, left, far left, right and far right. Seriously, check this stuff out.

So, as you think about the $30 Trillion in our nation’s debt together with the $560 Billion needed annually to service the debt, we all need to think about who best to vote for when the next election shows up. From our local city to county to state, federal and the Whitehouse Nothing is Free, we’re all paying the price for incompetence, fraud, ignorance and laziness. Just like our Grandparents always told us, “The only thing certain in this world is death and taxes” & that is painfully true.

By Tony Maniscalchi 5/05/2023

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