New Year, New Rules, Apocalyptic Predictions & More

Well it’s that time of year……to review old predictions and the new set of apocalyptic predictions for 2023. But after a good laugh, it’s time to get real with some of the new laws that will COST us both money and freedoms.

*In 1968 Paul Ehrlich predicts the U.S. will run out of water and we’ll die of thirst             

  by 1984.

*In 1970 LIFE Magazine says “Urban Dwellers” will have to wear gas masks to

  Survive Air Pollution by 1980

*In 1970 The Smithsonian Institute predicts 75% to 80% of all living species will

  be extinct by 1995

*In 1988 Climate Crackpot James Hanson predicts New York’s West Side Highway

  will be under water by 2009

*In 1989 the United Nations environmental loons predict rising sea levels will

  wipe nations off the face of the earth by 2000

*In 2004 Scientist Peter Schwartz & Doug Randall says Europe’s climate will

  become like Siberia’s by 2020

Some Predictions for 2023 Include;

*Apple or Disney buys NetFlix

*Elon Musk runs for President and sells Twitter

*Gold makes a run to $3000

*U.S. Government implements price controls to curb inflation

*With Facebook & Twitter struggling, MySpace makes a comeback

*Cameras will become mainstream on glasses to support AI & AR

These are all fun to read but some of the new laws coming in, are nothing to laugh at:

*AB1041 amends 2 laws relaxing the definition of people an employee can take off time to care for. No longer limited to immediate or blood relatives, but rather someone you “Identify” as family. Another slap to small business.

*SB1162 Requires companies to include salary ranges to job postings, applicants and to existing employees.

*AB2188 Bans employers from discriminating against employees or job applicants based on their use of Cannabis/Pot when not working. I think about heavy equipment operators, pilots, surgical assistants etc etc.

SB1044 prohibits an employer from taking adverse action against any employee for refusing to come to work if the employee has a belief that the workplace is unsafe. Expect this to be abused as much as the “Emotional Support Animals” which are filling rental properties faster than children. Clearly an acknowledgement that our government cannot do the 1 job they are elected for… protect us.

Now for some random adjustments to the LAW;

*Jaywalking is no longer a crime providing your actions do not contribute to a traffic collision or unsafe condition.

*Eliminated the “Pink Tax” which was that some female products cost more than the male counterpart…Think razors, deodorant, shampoo’s etc.

*Yield to Bicycles. Yep, those bicyclists who so arrogantly think they own the roads already have convinced regulators to require vehicles to not only keep a 3’ distance, but now require vehicles to CHANGE LANES!!

Then there’s a roster of Reproductive “Freedoms” under AB2223, Transgender Protections under SB107, Hourly Wage increases to $15.50 under SB3, Oh and we can now legally Hunt Wild Pigs under SB856, The nuclear power station extension for Diablo Canyon under SB846. Selling of making clothing out of animal fur in California is illegal under AB44 and a good one, It’s no longer required to be a Citizen or Resident of the U.S. to become a Police Officer under SB960.

Now for some really bad News for Property Owners:

The centerpiece of many 2023 laws impacting property owners came out of AB2011, but other important laws include AB2097 which prohibits public agencies (local governments) from imposing minimum parking requirements on any residential project withing ½ mile of public transit, sponsored by Assembly member Laura Friedman…That law coupled with SB6 which allows residential uses on ALL commercially zoned property WITHOUT requiring any rezoning is a Stake in the Heart of not only property owners but, commercial and industrial businesses of all kinds. Integrating residential occupants and non-residential users in close proximity immediately creates division among people with organized Resident Unions or HOA’s (HomeOwner Associations) with a voice to the elected and are driving business out with more and more restrictions. From limiting hours of operations, to performance standards that are regulating noise, vibrations, odors, lighting, deliveries etc.

These are all supported with AB2334 and AB1551 which supports density bonuses for many project types. Don’t depend on your connections with local council and the mayors office because under AB2234 State law establishes timelines for local government to issue permits….meaning any intentional delays will mean “The State” will step in with the approvals.


AB2221, AB916 and SB897 all make ADU’s and JADU’s easier and more invasive to our single family neighborhoods. I’m still mystified over why so many HOA’s and Neighborhood Associations across the State backed these laws,  they are single handedly dismantling our residential neighborhoods.

There are so many Laws and Rules to report on, but the more I read the more I want to vomit over the arrogance of our elected to “Pimp these Laws” under the their lies of “It’s Good for the People” 

In closing I’ll leave you with one last ASSAULT on property owners,  in Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County as reported by Zero Hedge, (thanks Brett) The County Board of Supervisors under Hilda Solis said on November 22, 2022 “Extending the moratorium (eviction moratorium) to the end of June 2023 would be “the right thing to do”  citing an “eviction tsunami” Well no shit!!  We have buildings we manage for a wide range of clients from Cities, Trust Departments & families across the State & the number of Tenants “Gaming” the system is insane….Tenants claiming COVID impacts for nearly 3 years, with some residential tenants owing as much as $28,000 and some commercial tenants pushing past $100,000 and these elected twits are doing nothing but protecting their seat for reelection. NO regard for the losses mounting to property owners or the economic impacts to the retired, or sick or elderly who have worked hard to be independent and saved for their retirement. Government is all but confiscating their wealth. As Thomas Jefferson once said “Most Bad Government has Grown out of Too Much Government”  and “I Predict Future Happiness for Americans if they can Prevent the Government from wasting the Labors of the People under the Pretense of Taking Care of Them”

Wishing You All Continued Good Health, Happiness and Success in 2023

by Tony Maniscalchi 1/01/2023

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