Flash Mob Robberies/Government Sponsored Social Disruption

Before we can assess, criticize or slam the trend of the growing reality of “Flash Mob Robberies” or the quality (and Epic Failure) of the government’s actions to halt, cease & stop this new organized crime or their failure to classify these acts as a criminal enterprise, the most relevant fact “is that America’s criminal justice system is rotten to its core” That according to the CATO Institute.

First, let’s define a couple of terms; Flash Mob Robberies aka Flash Mob, is a group often numbering from 20 to 100 that organize and assemble to perform a robbery instead of an entertaining song/dance. Typically carried out by groups of young adults, this version of a flash mob selects a target and specific time to commit their crimes. In the old days flash mobs were once an entertaining trend of large groups of people breaking out into song or dance. However, with our elected politicians decriminalizing many crimes to minor infractions, Flash Mob ‘n’ Rob events have become violent with large groups breaking into stores, malls and lifestyle centers from small to large, overwhelming the impotent mall cop or independent security guard all while stealing anything of value and assaulting innocent people in their path. The irony is these hoods or criminals are using social media outlets for organizing these shakedowns and in addition, it’s known that much of the stolen merch is sold, fenced or traded on the same social media platforms.

Of course, our politician’s, supported by an equally corrupt media and law enforcement work to downplay and dilute the terms such as; Flash mobs, criminal enterprise, gang or organized crime and now label these actions as “multiple offender crimes that utilize mob tactics”.  Rebranding the activity to something less than what it is, is really a special kind of stupid.  

Flash mob robberies are now playing out in throughout Los Angeles, Woodland Hills,  Glendale, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Houston, New York and very soon, coming to a town near you.

Some of the thefts may be part of an organized crime network which recruits young people to steal merchandise to sell online, The Associated Press reports. Ben Dugan, president of the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail, told the AP that thieves are paid between $500 & $1,000 for stealing merchandise and bringing it back to organizers. “It looks very chaotic but it’s actually very well organized,” Dugan said.

Target stores, one of the few national retailers who share the numbers made headlines this year when they reported $763 million in shrink or theft and now project over $1 billion in 2023. Walmart reports an estimated $3 billion annually in losses due to theft. Organized retail theft is a top priority among retailers today including, Best Buy, Target, Footlocker, Ulta as well as many luxury retailers like LV, YSL, Chanel, Gucci, Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms etc. The National Retail Federation reports losses due to shrink or theft in the United States at $94.5 billion in 2021 and that’s up from $90.8 billion in 2020. More locally, Rachel Michelin of the California Retailers Association told the San Jose Mercury news that in just San Francisco and Oakland $3.6 billion in losses from theft alone are reported.

Newsweek reports “there are fears that the recent wave of flash mob robberies which have been occurring across California in recent days will spread across the Country.” Not to worry, they will, because the cancer in our criminal justice system is spreading across the country providing fictional defenses for crimes that are all being redefined. The media and our elected politicians are normalizing these crimes on property and on people. Not a day goes by that property crimes, assaults and theft rings are reported. Pay close attention to emergency notifications that are broadcasted through Everbridge, Nixel, Nextdoor, Twitter/X and Facebook.

Charles Ramsey, the former Philadelphia police commissioner, said that as there have been several examples of large groups of people storming into high end stores to steal items in California, “there is no question that the trend will occur elsewhere.”  “It was really really difficult to get a handle on it” said Ramsey. “What we found was, it was being organized through social media. So, one of the things we’re started doing is paying closer attention to social media.” “The punishment for this kind of crime is very minimal in most cases it’s a misdemeanor. Some district attorneys flat out said they will no longer prosecute shoplifting. “This is not shoplifting; this is something far worse than shoplifting Ramsey added so there’s a lot that has to be done if we want to get a handle on it.”

Los Angeles Police vow to crack down on anyone participating. I’m sure that statement alone will have the career criminal shaking and his freshly stolen Gucci loafers. Los Angeles Police chief Moore told KABC “there will be more officers patrolling the streets” ….. that’s nothing more than empty rhetoric and a promise to be broken. LAPD is down by 1000 officers and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is trying to fill another 1400 positions. These criminal gangs know both manpower and resources are stretched, and they own the turf for now.

                                            The Truth–The Solution

Well, this is where I need to be careful, not to get censored, suspended or closed down by social media (again).  I know some of you might disagree but it really is time (long overdue) for some “cowboy justice” some good old fashioned “repression” or “criminal cleansing,” the kind of justice that an “open carry” society might achieve. These criminals and their organizations need to be exterminated.  But the painful reality is we can’t expect that for Cities in L.A. O.C. Oakland or S.F. etc…… we’re forced to rely on the impotent Politicians and an overregulated police force for law enforcement strategies. Things like “Focused Deterrence, Proactive Policing, Illegal Gun Carrying & Building Community Trust” All super cute buzz-words that do nothing to effectively deal with the real problems, except to capitulate to some screwed up left wing progressive ideology brought on by career politicians. Just think about the Governments success with the “war on drugs”  In Simply Psychology some radical criminologists argue that the focus on individual responsibilities in crimes and subsequent punishments intended to deter individuals from choosing crime serve the state’s interest in imposing some repression. My Translation, make the punishment painful, meaningful and substantially dilute defense attorneys’ ability to create fictional defenses. In addition, we need to re-program the elected, from Police Chiefs, City Council, County Supervisors, District Attorney’s, Assembly leaders, State Senators and our Governor if we want meaningful change.

When these same elected officials and appointed leaders witness the property crimes, the assaults, thefts and flash mob robberies, then participate in aiding and abetting in diluting the laws protecting the criminals over the innocent citizens, it’s clear to me that social disruption is what they want.  The more disorder, the more crime and the more division between people empowers them to create more laws that will only impact responsible citizens over criminal citizens.

Stand for Something or Stand for Nothing

by Tony Maniscalchi 8/18/2023

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