Can We Save Our Country….Please

With some Forced Downtime this week for a little knee surgery (torn meniscus), no doubt brought on by the Pickleball craze, I had some time to focus on the political circus we’re all living through. With literally one crisis after the next filling the news cycle I couldn’t help but think of all the shit we’ve been going through for the past 3 years.

Today we’re all witnessing the dismantling of our Constitutional Rights & destruction of our American way of life.

From the Deadly Pandemic (the man-made China virus) that for many, changed lives personally and professionally, then to the introduction of a very questionable vaccine, to the breakdown in Trust of our scientific community that today has evolved to be more political than scientific, then to vaccine mandates that were imposed by our government and the majority of corporate America. We then witnessed the Governments targeted and often biased actions for the closure of our economy by shutting down selected businesses and imposing some of the most draconian regulations that continue to grow like cancer with every passing month, many not going away. Then came the product shortages, from food to basic staples and even today dealing with “Supply Chain” problems in drugs, medical supplies, construction materials, technology, consumer and business products. Then of course we’re being force fed an agenda of government crap from ESG, Climate Change solutions, a gender & identity crisis, a near banking collapse, inflation, new record interest rate increases, mortgage loan defaults, millions of sudden deaths, (from both COVID and reactions to the JAB) an explosion in our homeless population, rampant crime from assaults, murder, domestic violence, home invasion, smash ‘n’ grab burglaries and of course a drug abuse crisis never before seen. So much for the Governments “War on Drugs.”

Our government together with the support of the most unethical media continue to “normalize” our societies decline by suggesting these conditions are either normal or something that will pass. I’m afraid not!!

Let’s also not forget the forced energy crisis by our government to impose an all-electric way of life which is slowly dismantling the oil industry to redirect more and more energy purchases to government owned facilities. Remember, our government controls nearly all generation, distribution, infrastructure, billing and regulation. In the long term, our government will raise these energy costs to all consumers and businesses. They are eliminating choice through regulation & their climate change agenda and gradually dismantling all competition. Monopolies in the private sector are subject to Anti-Trust regulations, apparently the Government’s actions are not. Unquestionably this is the biggest seizure of American enterprise in the history of our modern world. We have a border crisis, and immigration crisis, an education crisis, a media crisis, a national debt that has doubled from $16 Trillion to over $32 Trillion. As Americans, we are being forced into Globalization, being threatened by Artificial Intelligence taking a larger role in our lives, a food supply that’s getting more poisoned every year, a government that is attempting a takeover of the American family by promoting gender transition and laws that punish families that don’t follow the social ideology of our government & their Unions. Our population is suffering from obesity, diabetes, depression and anxiety. Let’s not ignore the pain of child sex trafficking both in our Country and Globally. There is so much more to fear from the threats of a government slowly evolving to a Marxist, Communist, Socialist society with promises of free money, education, food, housing, relief of school debt, reparations etc……All for control!! Government manufactures a new crisis whenever they need to divert the attention of the people away from the real issues of our day.

Just think about what our society has been through in 3 years and what our government is really doing to bring us, the American People and our Country back to the exceptional status we deserve in the world.

Ayn Rand the Russian Born American Writer said “The next time you hear about a crazed gang of juvenile delinquents, don’t look for such explanations as slum childhood, economic underprivileged, or parental neglect. Look at the moral atmosphere of the country at the example set by their elders and by their public leaders.” Not to worry, I didn’t fall into the rabbit hole, my recovery is going well, and I’ll be back to work Tuesday and promise to deliver a mid-year market review on our Real Estate Investment challenges….Stay Tuned.

by Tony Maniscalchi 8/01/2023

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