Flash Mob Robberies/Government Sponsored Social Disruption

Before we can assess, criticize or slam the trend of the growing reality of “Flash Mob Robberies” or the quality (and Epic Failure) of the government’s actions to halt, cease & stop this new organized crime or their failure to classify these acts as a criminal enterprise, the most relevant fact “is that America’s criminal […]

Can We Save Our Country….Please

With some Forced Downtime this week for a little knee surgery (torn meniscus), no doubt brought on by the Pickleball craze, I had some time to focus on the political circus we’re all living through. With literally one crisis after the next filling the news cycle I couldn’t help but think of all the shit […]

More Turbulence Expected for Property Owners

The Battlefield between our politicians & property owners, particularly housing providers continues with more financial bloodshed on their agenda. Bloomberg Opinion’s senior columnist Merryn Somerset Webb writes…….” whenever rent controls are introduced, two major things always happen: First, the supply of properties to rent falls as landlords pull out of the market. Second, the quality […]

The Homeless, The Not So Invisible Population

First, some quick facts. *Los Angeles County’s homeless population grew by 50% from 2015 to 2020 and as of 2022 there are now 70,000+ homeless in Los Angeles County. *Homeless Deaths increased by 200% reaching nearly 2,000 deaths a year by yearend 2021. *By Comparison Orange County reports approximately 6,000 and Portland Oregon which has […]

Taxes, Had Enough?

As we come to the end of April, the month where Quarterly’s, Corporate Taxes, Individual Federal & State Taxes and of course Property Taxes were all due, April is a financial Body Slam. Tax obligations should serve as a reminder to us all to pull our heads from the haze and think about all the […]

City & County Permit$, What’s the Point?

Have you practiced doing things right & then got screwed?  Have you had the regulatory book thrown at you for doing nothing wrong? And have you witnessed countless others ignore the rules and either never get caught or held accountable? In our world of Commercial & Investment Real Estate, it’s all about Planning (General Plans, […]

New Year, New Rules, Apocalyptic Predictions & More

Well it’s that time of year……to review old predictions and the new set of apocalyptic predictions for 2023. But after a good laugh, it’s time to get real with some of the new laws that will COST us both money and freedoms. *In 1968 Paul Ehrlich predicts the U.S. will run out of water and […]

What Happens when the Justice System Fails

When the Justice systems fails, the “Rule of Law does not exist & Law as an “Autopoietic” system does not work”—— When the System fails, laws & lawyers become or evolve into tools of injustice, oppression & taking, rather than swords & shields fighting for justice and equality. LegalScoops cites that “Corruption in the judicial […]